YO Nemo

4 Nov

Erm Kathy dear, BRING ME TO SEE TINTIN !!!!:D mwah !!

Now go back me a cup of tea, thanks babes :D#

Hmmmmph blogs are strange, did you know that there are 50,000 thousand new blogs started every day !!…this one of course being the coolest of the 50,000 today…le duuuuh like :D. Agus how do you do a kissy face thingy on this ?

Agus before you go off texting me calling me a “lolzer” – cool word btw – your a lolzer too for actuali going checking it :D:D Your Fun.

i guess i should really put a p.s. bit at the end should i ? cus otherwise the blog would just feel sooooo empty and lonely.

p.s. your a super awesome friend:):P AGUS next year for Sarahs bday you better wait until the DAY of her bday b4 you give her la postcards k ? :D:P

p.s.s. thanks for la chaties on the phone this morning to :D:D


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